100% Pure King Rosin Cart

King Rosin Gram Jar

Premium Ice Water Rosin

100% chemical-free. No harsh solvents. No nasty additives. Just premium buds handcrafted into the tastiest full spectrum concentrates, vape cartridges and pens you will find.

Best Buds

We start with premium tasty buds - not lesser parts of the plants. These sweet buds are fresh frozen within minutes of harvest to retain all the cannabinoids and terpenes for powerful full spectrum flavor and effects. Most other extractors first dry the source material thereby losing lots of key elements and taste of the bud. That’s why our products are called “live” rosin – because we keep all the good stuff alive through the extraction process.

Ice is Nice

Unlike other extraction methods using harsh chemicals like butane and propane, our handcrafted ice water extraction gently coaxes all the goodies from the buds without destroying or altering them. And we wouldn’t think of ruining our products by putting in additives or terpenes from other sources. If it was in the bud, it’s in our extract. If not, it’s not. Simple as that.

Good Press

After extracting top-shelf hash, we use powerful pressure and gentle heat to squeeze out the parts you want – pure hash rosin – while leaving behind all you don’t want - plant material that don’t add to taste or that loving feeling. Our cartridges and pens get one more proprietary step to ensure they flow well and hit smoothly while retaining the full flavor and goodness.

Rosin, not Resin

Don’t confuse our solventless, chemical-free top shelf rosin with the similar sounding resin. Resin uses chemical extraction, usually with harsh chemicals like butane or propane, that changes the taste and effect of the product. Sometimes key components like terpenes are separated out then reintroduced later or replaced with other terpenes. With our rosin, all the good stuff in the bud sticks around through the whole process for a tastier, more complete, better balanced final product with no unwanted additives.

Passing Tests with Flying Colors

All of our products go through rigorous CA testing protocols at least twice: once before we process the buds, and again with the final product. These tests look for pesticides, toxins, molds and unwanted additives so you can enjoy our hash rosin products with confidence.